Q: How do I register for an account on the Cube Web Shop.
A: If you are already a trade customer of Cube Distribution, you must ask your account manager to send you an invitation request.

Q: If I am not a trade customer what do I need to do to get set up.
A: You will need to contact our customer service team on +8450506535 and you will be advised on the steps required to set up a trade account.

Q: Do I need to be a reseller to set up a trade account.
A: You can operate any type of business to set up a trade account.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity required.
A: We do not have any MOQ requirements, however all orders will be subject to a flat rate delivery charge of £7.50 + VAT unless your spend is £500 or more.

Q: If I already have a trade account with 30 day credit terms, can I order via the website.
A: If you have a 30 day credit account with us, you will need to place your final order via your account manager.

Q: When will my orders be delivered
A: All orders placed by 3pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched the same day and delivered the next working day.

Q: Do I have to have a limited company to have a trade account
A: We can set up accounts for Sole Traders, Limited companies, Charities and LLP's

Q: Do your products have restrictions on reselling on ebay or Amazon
A: The ESR & Apple range can not be resold on Amazon, all other brands unless stated do not have selling restrictions.

Q: What does 14Day, RP and BN mean on the descriptions of the products
A: We have 3 types of product conditions, please see below

1. 14 Day is used products which have been returned from the customer but tested and are in full working order.

2. RP is brand new retail packed products

3: BN is as new products removed from either damaged packaging or network handset boxes

Q: Do your products comes with any warranty if so how long.
A: All 14 Day products come with 7 day warranty, BN products come with 90 Day warranty and RP products come with 12 Month manufacturers warranty.

Q: Can we return the products if we are un happy with them
A: Yes we allow customers 48 hours to inspect the goods and raise any concerns, after this period returns will only be accepted under the warranty terms set our in our T&C's